Special Reports

Debt Collective Members Join Members of Congress in Washington to Endorse the College for All Act

This is an historic week for organizers and others who have been fighting for years for debt relief and free public college. Since 2014 members of the Debt Collective have been pushing for relief. Now their demands have gone from the margins to the mainstream.

One American Family

Strike Debt talked to this family several years ago. Their story is one of millions of reasons we keep organizing.

Debt Collective joins statewide campaign to eliminate fines, fees and bail in California

The launch event was held at Chuco’s Justice Center in Inglewood, CA

Fines, Fees, Bail and Jail – Toward Abolition

The Debt Collective joins a coalition to fight for an end to fines and fees in California.

The Debt Collective Fights for Medicare For All

No one should have to go into debt for good health.

For-Profit College Collective: Update On Court Fights

Judge rules that the Department of Education’s delays in implementing 2016 borrower defense rule were illegal and caused serious harm to borrowers

Medical Debt Clinic Report: New Orleans

But what about when debt is incurred unavoidably, just to stay alive?

New England Institute of Art Students Storm Campus to Deliver Demand Letter

For-profit borrowers demand to have their debts relieved.

Ohio Debt Assembly Participants Talk Economics, Race, and the Struggle for Debt Cancellation

Debt Collective members meet in Cincinnati to discuss how people of color are disproportionately affected by debt.

Learning from the Housing Crisis of 2008: Debtors Must Unite and Fight Back

Debt Collective members are engaged in research and analysis so we can all better understand how different debt types are connected.

Debt Collective Crashes Financial Aid Industry's Biggest Party

Student debt strikers disrupt the NASFAA conference parade to draw attention to their demands.

Corinthian Strike Team Demands Debt Cancellation in Washington DC

In a historic meeting, for-profit borrowers met with officials from the Department of Education and other agencies to demand debt relief.