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Update for Argosy Students

How to Preserve Your Right to a Closed School Discharge.

Who is the Debt Collective?

Debt Collective member - Detroit

Latest Member Interviews

  • Nathan Hornes
    "I'm more willing to challenge the system instead of just going along with what I'm told to do."
  • Makenzie Vasquez
    "It’s been crazy to watch everyone be struggling, especially for these things that, you know, we have a right to!"

Special Reports

One American Family

Strike Debt talked to this family several years ago. Their story is one of millions of reasons we keep organizing.

Debt Collective joins statewide campaign to eliminate fines, fees and bail in California

The launch event was held at Chuco’s Justice Center in Inglewood, CA

Fines, Fees, Bail and Jail – Toward Abolition

The Debt Collective joins a coalition to fight for an end to fines and fees in California.

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